DramaWorks Casting Agency represents children, young actors and adults. With many movies, series and commercials being made in Hungary there are opportunities to audition and gain valuable experience working on screen.

As an agency we:

- Create good working relationships with casting directors
- Are in connection with other Talent Agencies
- Are in contact with independent / student film producers
- Have knowledge of employment law/work permits for child actors
- Can support actors through the audition process

We are more than just an agency, because we are a performing arts school we can also offer training and support to those who wish to work in the film industry. We cannot guarantee to find work for any actor but many of our candidates have received roles in major productions such as 'The Witcher’, ‘Silver’, ‘Treadstone’ and 'FBI International' along with commercials and animation. 

Working in Hungary: 

Children under the age of 16 must obtain a work permit for each job they take. We can support you through this process. This is according to Hungarian law. In order to do this they need to be a Hungarian citizen (eligible for a Hungarian passport). Therefor we only accept registrations from under 16 year olds who have Hungarian citizenship. 

For over 16 year olds and adults - you must be able to work legally in Hungary (have a tax number, EU residency or work permit as applicable)

To register with us and receive notifications about castings you maybe suitable for, then please complete our registration form below. We also require a headshot photo which you can upload at the end of the form. 


Please see terms and conditions before registering!


DramaWorks is happy to help you with your casting needs. We offer an efficient and professional service, supporting our clients and actors throughout the casting process. Being an established theatre and film school of over 15 years in the international community, we have a diverse candidate base and knowledge of the film industry in Hungary. Contact us and let us help you with your casting needs! 

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