Through fun drama games and exercises students develop performance and vocal skills. During group improvisations and role play they learn to listen to others and work together. Students are encouraged to use their imagination and express themselves. This helps to develop confidence, communication and language skills.

Students enjoy learning a variety of poems and scripts. At this level they begin to learn to portray different characters and feelings. We use mime, movement and expression to explore emotions and situations which bring a text alive and to the stage!

In Music Theatre students have a wonderful time singing songs from the musicals. Alongside singing skills, they learn how to portray a character with feeling, movement and choreography.

Show Time! At the end of the second semester students take part in our end of year musical. Children have a fantastic time exploring a colourful story which they perform to family and friends in the theatre. We believe every child has a special talent and there is always a role for everyone to play!


SATURDAYS 11:10 – 12:50 (AGES 9-11)
PEST: Angyalföldi József Attila Művelődési Központ, Budapest, Koral Room, 2nd Floor, József Attila tér 4. 1131 - MAP

Trimester 1: 9th September - 9th December 2023 (holidays: 21st/28th Oct. Open lesson 9th Dec)
Trimester 2: 6th January - 23rd March 2024 (holidays: 30th March)
Trimester 3: 6th April - 8th June 2024
Show date: 8th June

FEE: 78 000 HUF per trimester
Fees due: 23rd Sept. / 9th Dec. / 24th Feb.
Show fee: 15 000 HUF due 20th April

WEDNESDAYS 16:30 - 17:30 (AGES 7-10)
BUDA: Hegyvidéki Kulturális Szalon, (2nd Floor) 1124 Budapest, Törpe u. 2. MAP

Trimester 1: 13th September - 13th December 2023 (holidays: 25th Oct / 1st Nov. Open lesson 13th Dec)
Trimester 2: 10th January - 27th March 2024 (holidays: 3rd April)
Trimester 3: 10th April - 2nd June 2024
Show date: 2nd June 

FEE: 66 000 HUF per trimester
Fees due: 27th Sept. / 13th Dec. / 6th March
Show fee: 15 000 HUF due 24th April

10% sibling discount on second child.

(If you join mid course we calculate on pro-rata basis)


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