Private singing lessons are available with our professional vocal teacher Marysia Ananiewska. A highly experienced and qualified vocal coach, Marysia will tailor her classes to individual needs. She has a natural ability to encourage confidence and develop correct singing technique for performance or pleasure. Marysia is from Moscow (Russia) where she graduated from a music training faculty at the university in Moscow with an MA degree, in edition to the vocal training program at the Moscow College of Improvised Music. Marysia has been working as a music teacher for over 13 years during which she worked with children and adults of all ages, backgrounds and experiences.

Her approach is based on creating a comfortable atmosphere by introducing the technique through student's favourite tunes along with deep training of muscles involved in singing and improved breathing.

- Audition preparation
- Professional coaching
- Beginners step by step to singing
- Correct breathing and placement
- Posture and support

Contact us for fees and to book your first lesson.