In the early years children have a natural ability to ‘make believe'. Through drama games, role play, poems and songs we encourage them to use their imaginations. Our fun drama activities encourage students to grow in confidence and develop communication and language skills. Through teacher-led improvisations they learn to work together and listen to others.

In Music Theatre, students have a wonderful time learning and performing new and familiar songs through characterisation and choreography.

We use a lot of mime and movement, exploring stories, animals and characters that the children can relate to. Through the imagination we create a magical world which is full of fun!

Show Time! At the end of the second semester students take part in our end of year extravaganza. Children have a fantastic time exploring a colourful story which they perform to family and friends in the theatre. We believe every child has a special talent and there is always a role for everyone to play!

CLASS TIME: 10:00 – 11:00
SATURDAYS PEST: Angyalföldi József Attila Művelődési Központ, József Attila tér 4. Budapest 1131
SUNDAYS BUDA: Marczibányi Sportcentrum, 1022 Budapest, Marczibányi t ér 16.
               ON SATURDAYS:
FIRST LESSON: 7th November 2020
LAST LESSON: 30th January 2021
HOLIDAYS: 26th December 2020, 2nd January 2021
              ON SUNDAYS:
FIRST LESSON: 8th November 2020
LAST LESSON: 31st January 2021
HOLIDAYS: 27th December 2020, 3rd January 2021
FEE: 27 500 HUF
(calculated on pro-rata bases)