Through fun drama games and exercises students develop confidence, performance and language skills. At this senior level, students study voice production in more depth and the value of this in communication and performance. Key skills include projection, articulation and vocal variety.

Students enjoy learning valuable improvisation techniques. Through studying improvisation students learn characterisation, expression and spontaneity. They also learn to work effectively in a group.

A variety of texts including scripts and poems are studied and performed. At this level we begin to study more complex characters and situations. Students are encouraged to explore a variety of texts from different periods and styles. We study modern pieces both comic and serious which students can relate to and enjoy. Depending on levels our senior students begin to study texts from the pre-1900s, including the periods of ‘English Renaissance’ (including Shakespeare), ‘Restoration’ and ‘Victorian’ theatre.

In Music Theatre students enjoy the pleasure of singing and improving their vocal technique. They explore a variety of songs from the musicals both old and new. We study characterisation through movement and choreography.

Show Time! At the end of the second semester students take part in our end of year musical. We choose an enjoyable story suitable for their age group. We believe every child has a special talent and there is always a role for everyone to play!

CLASS TIME: 15:00 – 17:00
SATURDAYS PEST: Angyalföldi József Attila Művelődési Központ, József Attila tér 4. Budapest 1131
SUNDAYS BUDA: Marczibányi Sportcentrum, 1022 Budapest, Marczibányi tér 16.
               ON SATURDAYS:
FIRST LESSON: 7th November 2020
LAST LESSON: 30th January 2021
HOLIDAYS: 26th December 2020, 2nd January 2021
              ON SUNDAYS:
FIRST LESSON: 8th November 2020
LAST LESSON: 31st January 2021
HOLIDAYS: 27th December 2020, 3rd January 2021
FEE: 50 600 HUF
(calculated on pro-rata bases)