For teenagers who would like to study acting in more depth and perform full length plays. Students are exposed to a variety of acting methods and techniques. In the first semester they study monologues and scene study, learning more detailed knowledge of character interpretation, performance and stage skills. Through theatre games and exercises students develop self-confidence, expression and vocal production.

A minimum upper-intermediate level of English is required and full commitment to the production. After the skills-based first semester we work towards a full production of a play which is performed in the theatre. This course is excellent preparation for those who wish to take their acting to a higher professional level.

CLASS TIME: 17:30 – 19:00
LOCATION: Jurányi Inkubátorház (Golem Room), Jurányi utca 3 (press bell)
FIRST LESSON: 3rd November 2020
LAST LESSON: 26th January 2021
HOLIDAYS: 22nd December 2020, 29th December 2020
FEE: 41 250 HUF
(calculated on pro-rata bases)